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17-Sep-2014 -

Digitmovies explores the supernatural world by releasing, for the first time on CD, the score by Angelo F. Lavagnino for the dramatic-horror film The Queens Of Evil (Il Delitto Del Diavolo). The complete CD is in full stereo. At the time, the film and its leading male character had so much success in Japan that C.A.M. released the Seven Seas album from King Records of Tokyo in Japan. The album (7 Seas GXH 6032) contains 13 tracks mixed with many dialogues in mono from the film. It also contains a track by Stelvio Cipriani taken from “Femina ridens” which was used for the breakfast scene where two beautiful sisters serve cake to the guest. In addition to the themes from M° Lavagnino, the album contained two songs written and interpreted by Lovelock. For this CD (59:44 minutes) the master tapes in superb stereo from the recording session were used and so they were able to release each and every note recorded at that time. Included are songs by Ray Lovelock (one of which was used in the beginning and ending credits with two different mixes). M° Angelo F. Lavagnino wrote an evocative musical score for the orchestra based on a reoccurring love theme that is both sacred and profane. It also includes Alessandroni’s “Cantori Moderni” choir with the magic voice of Edda Dell’Orso on vocals and a beat score. This passage alternates with grim pieces with an oriental atmosphere thanks to the use of different percussion instruments.


Digitmovies continues its journey into the world of Italian Peplum films, by releasing the complete score by Piero Piccioni from the film Duel Of The Titans (aka Romolo E Remo), as volume XXXI. In 1961 when the film came out, no record was released. But in 1984 a 33 LP (PHCAM 06) record finally saw the light. The record was in the Phoenix limited edition series and contained 19 tracks (41:46 minutes). It was then rereleased twice in 1995 on CD at C.A.M. Soundtrack Encyclopedia (CAM CSE 800-126, CAM 493491-2). For this CD Digitmovies was able to access the mono master tapes from the original recording session and the first generation master tape assembled by the author for a vinyl record (obviously without the Dolby Surround Sound filter). They discovered previously unreleased music that makes this new edition CD 73:25 minutes long. M° Piccioni composed a recurring battle theme emphasizing French horns for the two protagonists. This theme alternates with very dramatic war songs having an ethnic pastoral theme for the wolf scene and a mystical theme for the soldiers at the spring.

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