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7-Oct-2014 -

Unreleased until now, the score for one of the most iconic movies of the ‘80s is finally available in the DDJ DLX series dedicated to Italian cult movies! Vieni Avanti Cretino was directed by Luciano Salce in 1982 featuring the Italian comedy star Lino Banfi in the role of Pasquale Baudaffi, who’s searching for a job after a two-year “vacation” in jail. Until recently believed to be lost, the score composed by Fabio Frizzi, has luckily been found again thanks to the fortunate discovery of an unlabeled stereo master—in mint condition—in the Maestro’s personal archive. Thanks to the long friendship of the Maestro with Lino Banfi it was possible to produce a half-hour video interview with the great actor that you will be able to access via your PC! The CD also features the cue “There is No Matter” by the great Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera trio, heard as source music played on a jukebox at the beginning of the movie in the bar where Pasquale chats with his cousin Gaetano: a real disco hit of the early ‘80s!


 Jona che vise nella balena (Look to the Sky) is a movie directed by Roberto Faenza in 1993 starring Jean-Hugues Anglade, Juliet Aubrey and Jenner Del Vecchio. The story is based on the deportation of a Jewish family from Amsterdam to a Nazi prison camp and the holocaust as witnessed through the eyes of Jona, wrenched from his world and forced into a horrible new setting. It’s a wonderful movie that brings a new variant on the theme, filtered through the eyes of a child and featuring a powerful score by Ennio Morricone that accentuates Jona’s emotions. Punctual in realizing an emotive retaliation of great quality, the Maestro chisels with mastery one of his most iconic scores of the ‘90s. Out of print for a long time, the score is available once again in this deluxe edition by Beat Records.


Sinfonia per due spie (Serenade for Two Spies) is an Euro Spy movie directed by Alberto Cardone in 1965. The movie taps into the gold vein discovered by the Bond movie franchise and is considered an entertaining production by lovers of the genre. The score by Francesco de Masi surely provides punctual proof of the skill and expertise of the popular Roman composer, able sculptor of perfect atmospheres for these kinds of movies. The score is based on two themes, one nocturnal with Latin flavor and jazz and swing inflections and the other a beautiful melody in bossa nova rhythm that provides the movie’s main theme, each orchestrated in a variety of ways to illustrate the movie’s various situations and relevant emotional keys. Almost completely unreleased, it’s a wonderful score by the great Maestro that finally enjoys a well-deserved definitive edition.


Take Five was directed by Guido Lombardi in 2013 and presented that same year at the Roman Film Festival. The story revolves around a strange gang formed by a depressed legendary gangster, a boxer disqualified for life, a marriage photographer, an ex-robber who had recently survived a heart attack, and a plumber with the vice of game who one day finds himself in a bank’s safety vault in order to fix a problem with the city’s sewer and gets an idea… It’s a cross between Reservoir Dogs and Big Deal on Madonna Street shot with great care by Guido Lombardi and featuring a score by Giordano Corapi, who created a soundtrack with a vague western flavor that’s synchronized masterfully with the images. With beautiful themes sung in dialect and in French, the score, which is gifted with a highly melodic gradient and counterpoints the story in a compact way, surely deserves recognition both linked to the images and separated from them.


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