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Zacarías M. de la Riva's Automata
26-Oct-2014 - MovieScore Media has released Zacarías M. de la Riva’s soundtrack for Automata, the new sci-fi thriller starring Antonio Banderas, who plays the role of Jacq Vaucan, a disillusioned insurance agent of ROC robotics corporation whose job involves the investigation of manipulated robots.  Though it is set in the future overrun with robots, Automata features a rich, orchestral score with a haunting choir lending an epic quality to the story. As the composer explains: ”The movie moves constantly between two different worlds. The world of the sci-fi thriller and the world of the philosophical and metaphysical. The first one deals with Jacq Vaucan’s investigation of malfunctioning robots, the second one deals with the essence of the being and his reality, human or robotic. Music had to resolute this dichotomy, make the coexistence of this two different worlds possible.”
For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media.

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