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Lalo Schifrin's Enter The Dragon: Extended Edition
4-Nov-2014 -

Aleph Records is proud to release the Enter The Dragon: Extended Edition soundtrack on CD November 11, 2014. The album features 56 minutes of Lalo Schifrin’s original score, much of it previously unavailable in any format. "It was a challenge to take music from the Orient – not the stereotypical Fu Manchu ideas that Hollywood had about Chinese music, but something more authentic – and do it bigger than life, as Ennio Morricone had in the spaghetti westerns," said Schifrin. ENTER THE DRAGON was the first martial arts film produced by Americans and would be actor Bruce Lee’s final film. Both the film and Schifrin’s score have earned cult followings in the 40 years since the initial release. The film was added to the National Film Registry in 2004. But to a certain generation, it is Schifrin’s score for ENTER THE DRAGON that set the standard.

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