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John Barry's The Betsy
19-Nov-2014 - Harold Robbins’ The Betsy is a heady combination of cars, sex, money and power – set in the corporate board rooms (and bedrooms) of fictional Bethlehem Motors. This Tadlow Music production for Prometheus Records features the world premiere of the complete score by John Barry. If, in Mister Moses, the composer chose to emphasize rhythm and color, here he stresses melody and harmony, with poignant melodic ideas including a wistful main theme waltz and a bittersweet love theme. Barry’s subtle music pervades the film with a patina of sadness and melancholy, while a few action passages are reminiscent of his Bond sound. The music has been reconstructed by conductor (and former orchestrator for John Barry) Nic Raine, who conducts the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
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