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Donate now for a new Moonraker recording!! You can let this happen!
12-Jan-2015 - One of the most requested scores from film music fans around the world in need of a complete new recording.
WHY MOONRAKER? Over the last couple of decades, Moonraker has proved to be the most demanded John Barry AND the most frequently requested James Bond score in need of a complete recording. The music is one of the finest examples of Barry's more mature approach to Bond, putting a heavy emphasis on symphonic adventure scoring as opposed to the more rebellious, guitar-based sound of earlier films like Goldfinger - some would argue this score IS the turning point in his 007 legacy. But apart from its historical importance, there are numerous other reasons why fans have been requesting this score for a re-recording. And, remember, for a donation of at least £20 ($30) you get a CD posted to anywhere in the world, plus an acknowledgement in the booklet.
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