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11-Jan-2015 -

Beat Records adds to its catalog a score composed by the great Carlo Rustichelli, an artist who if we had a film music constitution would surely be one of its founding fathers. Scacco Internazionale (The Last Chance, 1969) is an Italian “Bond” movie, also known as Eurospy, on the prolific trail of the deeds of the popular James Bond, the MI6 agent with ample supplies of high-tech gadgets and beautiful women. In this movie we find a link to that fortunate franchise in the presence of Daniela Bianchi, Bond-girl in the movie From Russia With Love. It’s a virtually unknown movie that is also absent from the home video market. The wonderful orchestral score by Maestro Rustichelli has a wide range of colors and flavors, characteristic of the Maestro’s best performances. At the time of the film’s release, CAM issued an LP featuring just 8 tracks from the film’s score. 


Sometimes miracles happen. In the case of Contraband (Luca Il Contrabbandiere, 1980) it took 35 years! One of the most-wanted scores of Lucio Fulci’s filmography, it’s not a horror but a crime/action movie, produced during one of the most prolific and creative phases of the director’s career. It’s a story of two gangs, one devoted to cigarette smuggling (the “good” guys) and the other to drug dealing. With Fabio Testi in the starring role, Fulci created one of his most violent movies, adding Fabio Frizzi to the pentagram and inspiring him to create one of the most iconic scores of his career. On the trail of the recently-consolidated canon of the past decade’s cop movies, Fulci depicts in his peculiar cinematic language the action, asphalt, chases and violence with melodies of great artistic impact, full of adrenaline and pathos. A score that was feared lost, it was retrieved thanks to the discovery of an unlabeled tape, miraculously restored to perfection and transferred in our studios with love and paternal care.



In this double-bill dedicated to the work of maestro John Sposito, Beat Records presents two rare scores composed by him in 1987 for two diametrically different films by Mario Bianchi: Riflessi Di Luce (Reflections Of Light) and Non Aver Paura Della Zia Marta (aka The Broken Mirror and Don't Be Afraid Of Aunt Martha). The first is an erotic drama starring the beautiful Pamela Prati, the second a horror feature presented on TV by Lucio Fulci—two movies with alternate fates that have the artistry of the Roman composer as their common musical trait. We enjoy facing new heat and bringing cool electronic scores to the attention of our audience, with no doubts that the composer of these two scores is among the most proficient interpreters of that genre, a bold experimenter and great creator of melodies and themes with analog synths such as the Roland JX10S and TR808, Yamaha DX7 and the rare Yamaha CS30L. The results are astonishing and innovative, with themes sprung from the great taste and imagination of the Maestro and produced with his unique ability to sculpt them with state-of-the-art instruments.

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