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Tree Adams' Reach Me
12-Jan-2015 -

Lakeshore Records will release the Reach Me –Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, digitally on January 6th and on CD March 10, 2015. The album features original music composed by Tree Adams.

“The film features a large ensemble cast: you’ve got gangsters, bloggers, a priest, a rapper, an aspiring actor, an ex-con, a violent cop and a stuntman. They’re lives have all been affected by this book that has been published anonymously. Their stories all converge and eventually come to a boil in the end,” said Adams. “Director John Herzfeld is a fan of traditional ensemble recording (which I love) and so there are virtually no samples or synths involved in this score.”

Led by a stellar ensemble cast, the inspirational dramedy REACH ME tells interwoven stories from a diverse group of people who are united by one thing—a powerful book from an anonymous and reclusive author (Tom Berenger). When the book's positive message goes viral, a journalist (Kevin Connolly) and his editor (Sylvester Stallone), a former inmate (Kyra Sedgwick), a hip-hop mogul (Nelly), an actor (Cary Elwes) and an undercover cop (Thomas Jane) are inspired to change their lives by facing their fears. REACH ME also stars Kelsey Grammer, Lauren Cohan and Tom Sizemore.

“We played with some different genres and had some fun with certain instruments for the different characters.” Adams described, “The violent cop (Thomas Jane) gets a tremolo guitar in that kind of old western sheriff style. We went into some disonant free jazz for the journalist character (Kevin Connolly) as he goes through this whole transformation on the beach in the middle of the night to quit smoking. The gangsters (Kelsey Grammar and Tom Sizemore) got the classic bad guy treatment with low ominous strings but we also created some unique fun textures here by merging bowed bowls and guitar feedback. In some cases, for the gangsters, I blended the reversed WAV file of the very guitar motif that I had played for the cop.”

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