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Milan Records presents Cliff Martinez-Film Festival Gent
29-Jan-2015 -

Milan Records will release Cliff Martinez-Film Festival Gent digitally and on CD February 17, 2015. The album contains orchestral versions of Martinez’s film themes as performed by The Brussels Philharmonic this past October as part of the Film Festival Gent and World Soundtrack Awards concert. Conductor Dirk Brossé orchestrated the recording.

“For most of his films, Martinez created a rather spare, simple and expressive sound,” described Patrick Duynslaegher, Artistic Director Film Fest Gent. “The combination of the original electronic instrumentation with a full-blown symphonic orchestra adds additional layers of complex musical duality to Martinez’s ambiguous and organic music.”

“When I was first approached about doing an orchestral Cliff Martinez concert and album, I thought the World Soundtrack Academy must be delusional,” joke Martinez. “But when we started digging into the proverbial closet to rattle a few musical skeletons, this treatment to my scores started taking shape in unexpected and exciting ways.”

“Since the beauty of Cliff’s music often lies in its stylized simplicity, our main concern was to highlight this subtle, transparent yet rich world of sound with crystal clarity,” said Brossé.
“We had to walk the thin line between symphonic and electronic music, complexity and transparency, rhythm and calm.”

Available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany.

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