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Jake Monaco's Playing It Cool
30-Jan-2015 -

Lakeshore Records will release the Playing It Cool – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
digitally on February 10, 2014, and on CD March 10, 2015. The album features
original music by Jake Monaco with additional music by Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau.

“The score is centered around a small rhythm section for a smaller, intimate feel, but there are always a few elements that have been manipulated to make it feel a little more contemporary,” Monaco said. “The vignettes throughout the film each have their own idea, from the Korean Soap opera to the story about the Serf finding love. Writing music that was not only appropriate for the time and place where the story was set, but also keeping it somewhat connected to the rest of the score was a new challenge that we had a lot of fun going back and forth on.”

PLAYING IT COOL is this generation's SWINGERS meets (500) DAYS OF SUMMER. The story is fresh, quirky, and weirdly relatable as this young, slightly pretentious man falls for an unlikely girl, and will stop at nothing to get her even after realizing she's already in a relationship. Like a young WALTER MITTY, it tells the story of a quarter-life crisis amidst figuring out who you are and what your destiny holds. Uniquely told, this script has garnered attention and accolades, being named a 2011 Nicholl Fellowship Finalist and scoring high on the year's BlackList.
Composer Jake Monaco’s musical fingerprints can be found on some of the biggest film scores of the past decade. As a producer and composer of additional music for Christophe Beck, Monaco has contributed to the animated magic of FROZEN, the record-breaking laughs of THE HANGOVER trilogy, the furry hijinks of THE MUPPETS, and the real-life drama of WAITING FOR SUPERMAN. As a versatile composer in his own right, Monaco has scored projects spanning murder mystery OUT TO KILL, romantic drama KILIMANJARO and classroom comedy STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. He also co-composed the music for President Obama’s re-election film, THE ROAD WE’VE TRAVELED, narrated by Tom Hanks. Most recently Monaco co-scored the upcoming Fox action/comedy LET’S BE COPS.

Monaco grew up in New Jersey and New Hampshire, and revealed his heart’s bearing toward music at age 2 when his parents took him to the circus and he walked right past the clowns and animals to the band pit. He played guitar in high school, studied composition and music technology at the University of Richmond in Virginia, and started the band NE3 - before enrolling at the film scoring program at USC. There he began his fruitful and ongoing collaboration with Beck, and co-founded the composer collective Q6 Studios.

“When I first began working on the film, I chose to score the shoebox scene, where ‘ME’ opens a box containing memorabilia from his life including a note that his mother left for him as a child. This family theme would come back multiple times and this scene had room for music to really speak.” Monaco said.
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