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Paul Leonard-Morgan's Battlefield Hardline
4-Apr-2015 -

Paul Leonard-Morgan on Battlefield™ Hardline: “It’s a really bold and different kind of score,” said Leonard-Morgan. “EA had heard Dredd, amongst some of my other works, and loved it. Combined with my past producing and working with bands, I really tried to do something quite different with the score, so I took it down a total band route, along with various analog synths.”

Leonard-Morgan made sure to integrate his original composition with the songs used in the game. He described, “We spent ages working out playlists for the licensed music. The audio team at EA and I would send tracks back and forth between us, putting together huge Spotify playlists, to create the collection of songs for BATTLEFIELD™. Obviously my score needed to fit in with these songs to create a cohesive experience for the player.”

As for his original music, “I sampled up a load of gunfire from the game and created loops with it, so that subliminally, there’s some drum loops which have the same sounds as people playing the game shooting each other,” Leonard-Morgan described.
“I also made a ‘prepared piano’ in the studio for the scene where there’s a shootout amongst drug dealers in a weed factory. I wanted to make it really trippy. It ended up with me just hitting anything and everything in the studio, including an ancient metal sword which was lying around, and manipulated the audio to add delay to it. There’s even a few sleep-deprived maniacal laughs in there to add to the hallucinogenic vibe.”
About Battlefield™ Hardline
Battlefield™ Hardline brings new innovations in strategy, speed and story in both single player and multiplayer to deliver a complete first person shooter experience. The game delivers a fresh and stylish new entry to the critically-acclaimed Battlefield™ franchise as players take to the gritty streets of Los Angeles and Miami in a crime-fueled showdown between cops and criminals. A new class of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets pushes players to approach the gameplay in entirely new ways. Ziplines, loot-laden getaway motorcycles, nimble police choppers, and muscle cars ensure players get to navigate the concrete jungle in fast, team-based Battlefield multiplayer. Players can also tune into a TV inspired episodic single player campaign that follows rookie Miami Police Detective, Nick Mendoza, through a story of crime and revenge. This is brought to life through veteran and up and coming Hollywood talent including Alexandra Daddario from True Detective, Wendy Calhoun from Justified, and Benito Martinez from The Shield.

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