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13-May-2015 -


Hi! I’m Bruce Kimmel, owner of Kritzerland. We’re about to celebrate our 10th anniversary in June. In our first ten years, we have done some amazing projects – which have included over 150 soundtrack releases, many of them world premieres from historic films, many cast album reissues, including the rave-reviewed remixes of Follies, Promises, Promises and Sugar, and several wonderful singer compilations. But it’s time for Kritzerland to grow and we need your help to do that.

It’s time for us to begin licensing from other studios and companies where wonderful material is just sitting around gathering dust, especially our beloved Golden Age soundtracks. We’ve done amazing projects with Paramount, Fox, MGM/UA and a handful of others, but we simply must get into other places now and that will take a huge infusion of cash.

Kritzerland has one owner and was started on a wing and a prayer and it’s been an amazing ten-year ride. For our IndieGogo campaign (we like to think of it as Kritzerland a GoGo) we’ve tried to devise ways for you to fund this campaign that are fun, will ultimately save you money on our upcoming releases, and have included other perky perks for your perk pleasure.

So, please, read on here.





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