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Nathan Halpern's One & Two
11-Sep-2015 -

Lakeshore Records has released the soundtrack of One & Two digitally on August 28, 2015. The film features original music by Nathan Halpern, his second collaboration with director Andrew Droz Palermo. Siblings Eva (MAD MEN’S Kiernan Shipka) and Zac (Homeland’s Timothée Chalamet) live cut off from society in a remote farmhouse, their insular world bounded by an enormous wall. But as the pair begins exploring their extraordinary, potentially dangerous supernatural abilities, a mystery arises: is their father trying to keep the world out, or to keep his children in? "At its heart, One & Two is a fairytale - albeit a chilling one,” said Halpern. “Thematically, classic fairytales speak to the most elemental oppositions of childhood: good and evil, love and abandonment, innocence and experience.”

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