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14-Oct-2015 -

Il Vostro Super Agente Flit
Digitmovies will release on CD the complete score by Bruno Canfora for the film Il Vostro Super Agente Flit.  
Bruno Canfora composed many soundtracks including this enjoyable one for the film Il Vostro Super Agente Flit which is a parody of the film “Our Man Flint” starring James Coburn (who also starred in “In Like Flint”) with music by Jerry Goldsmith. Canfora composed the brilliant main score “Miliardunesimo” with a shake rhythm and a female voice, heard in the opening titles. It is then repeated in instrumental versions with a rock beat arrangement. There is also no shortage of action music, a romantic love theme, and cocktail bar background music. For this CD, the complete score is included for the first time ever. The mono master tapes from the original recording session were used and a rare full stereo mix of the song, perhaps intended for a record, is included.
Il Baco Da Seta
Also from Digitmovies comes a CD with the complete score by Mario Bertolazzi for the film Il Baco Da Seta (The Silkworm).
For Il Baco Da Seta Bertolazzi composed a main score in music-hall style for Smeralda, the failed singer in the film, which is repeated with instrumental variations and also a vocal French version. The leitmotif is alternated with high-tension music typical of gallio films, electronic atmospheres, lounge songs you might hear at a cocktail party, and a danceable shake that seems to tastefully wink at famous American colleagues like Quincy Jones, Lalo Schifrin and Henry Mancini. This excellent score has been released in its complete version on CD for the first time ever, using the master tapes in full stereo from the original recording session.
This is the perfect CD to remember a truly well-rounded musician.
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