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15-Oct-2015 -

La Garçonnière
Kronos Records The Gold Collection will release the soundtrack of Giuseppe De Santis 1960
drama La Garçonnière (The Bachelor Apartment), the story of Alberto, a building constructor
who repeatedly cheats on his wife Giulia with young fashion model Laura in an apartment he rented
in a popular neighborhood. Giulia follows her husband, finds out the truth and decides to leave him.
Eventually the couple gets back together but things will never be the same again.
The music for La Garçonnière was written by Mario Nascimbene, who's music was written for a
small band consisting of flute, trombone, trumpet, vibraphone, organ, acoustic and electric guitar,
cello, drums and percussion. It is an intimate and sensual Italian jazz score with moments
of suspense and emotional turbulence, working in total harmony with De Santis’ picture,
bringing more to life the psyche of the characters but also the atmosphere of their surroundings.
The music was conducted by another big name of Italian film scoring, Maestro Gianni Ferrio!

Tokyo Olympiad 1964
Kronos Records The Gold Collection also presents the soundtrack CD of
Kon Ichikawa's Tokyo Olympiad 1964, considered by many to be one of the greatest
documentary-films ever done with a musical score that according to many has contributed not little
to the cult status of Ichikawa's film.
To score the film Ichikawa chose an old collaborator of his, composer Toshiro Mayuzumi, with whom
he had already worked together on various films. The music for Tokyo Olympiad is as rich,
colourful and varied as the film it was written for. Big dramatic orchestral pieces written to accompany
physically hefty sports to lighter more agile motifs written for sports demanding more stamina and
elegance than sheer brawn. These beautiful pieces blend in beautifully with the more high spirited
jazz tunes for small ensemble that were accompanying the city shots of Tokyo by night and more
mundane scenes that make both of the film and score a truly beautiful experience.
Kronos Records presents the original score in the same order as issued on vinyl in 1966 with an
additional 20 minutes of music that are not present on the vinyl version.
A big, beautiful, emotional and elegant score. 
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