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Joseph LoDuca's Xena: Warrior Princess - 20th Anniversary Anthology
3-Nov-2015 -

Varèse Sarabande will release the Xena: Warrior Princess - 20th Anniversary Anthology on November 20, 2015. The limited edition set (2000 units, individually numbered) contains all 7 volumes of soundtracks from the series, composed by Joseph LoDuca (THE EVIL DEAD Trilogy, HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS). The collection includes fan-favorite pictures and album covers and newly written liner notes from Co-Executive Producer/Writer Steven L. Sears, all bound together in a brown leatherette case goldfoil stamped with the show’s title treatment logo and Xena’s signature chakram. Each copy also includes a beautiful 30 x 40 inch flag depicting many favorite scenes from the series. During the pre-order period, from November 4-18, any fan who orders the set on the Varèse Sarabande website will receive a limited edition XENA Fanified Poster featuring their name and all of the other “Xenites” printed on the background of the image. The poster will be hand-signed by LoDuca.

                         "In a time of ancient Gods, Warlords, and Kings,
                                  A land in turmoil cried out for a hero.
                She was Xena, a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle.
                                   The power. The passion. The danger.
                                    Her courage will change the world."

“The reissue of my music for Xena gives me a moment to reflect on an incredible period for all of us lucky enough to have worked on the series; actors, writers directors, and producers alike,” said LoDuca. “At the top of my Thank Yous are Rob Tapert, who made it all happen, and the amazing Lucy Lawless. No one but the two of them could have it pulled off with such strength, grace and creativity. Xena garnered legions of fans, and it also helped to inspire a generation of confident young women.”

“His [LoDuca’s] music was very much a part of the storytelling,” said Sears. “It enhanced and supported the themes of our series. It lingered in the atmosphere, seemingly unnoticed, as it subtly played on the emotions of our audience. And, when needed, it pounced on comments, bringing them to life with an intensity that no amount of action or dialogue could ever convey.”

In ancient Greece, Xena, a mighty female warrior, once led an army of outlaws that terrorized the lands and was an enemy of the hero Hercules. Regretting her past crimes, Xena is now on a quest for redemption. Accompanied by her friend Gabrielle, Xena travels across the lands doing good and fighting evil forces.

“For me the journey was epic,” said LoDuca. “Heroic poems one week; screwball comedies the next. Throw in an operetta and a rock musical; voyages to exotic lands. Invent musical cultures that never existed. It also marked the beginning of collaborations with colleagues and friends that continue to this day. Thank you Xena, and thank you fans for letting us entertain you.”

A Two-time EMMY® Award winner and eleven-time nominee, composer Joseph LoDuca is no stranger to large orchestra action/adventure, fantasy, and thriller music. His latest projects are the horror/comedy Burying the Ex, upcoming supernatural thriller Pay the Ghost and the highly anticipated television series Ash vs Evil Dead.

Pre-orders for the Xena: Warrior Princess - 20th Anniversary Anthology box set will be taken at Varèse Sarabande from November 4-18.



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