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Harry Escott's River
8-Nov-2015 - From Silva Screen Records comes the score for River. Abi Morgan’s script focuses on the emotional repercussions of detective John River’s condition: the conflicts between the world as experienced by River and by those around him. These conflicts create humour, sadness and spirituality but also confusion and embarrassment. River attempts to deal with this, to function ‘normally’. Harry Escott reflects that in an intensely subjective soundtrack, refracted through River’s experience of the world. Says Harry: “I recall one of my first meetings when we were discussing a very brief scene in episode one. It was explained to me that the music needed to help the audience feel the shock of a revelation, whilst at the same time comment on the sadness River’s condition - but without being too sad or downbeat as the music also had to reflect the mundanity of this experience from River’s perspective. I knew I was in for a tough ride from that point!”
For more info and ordering, visit Silva Screen Records.

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