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Cliff Martinez' The Knick - Season 2
20-Nov-2015 - Milan Records has released The Knick - Season 2 digitally on October 30 followed by a physical CD December 18, 2015. The album features original music by composer Cliff Martinez. In season 2, it’s 1901 in New York City and The Knickerbocker Hospital faces an upheaval, as Dr. John Thackery’s absence (due to his hospitalization for cocaine addiction), a dearth of affluent patients, and financial missteps have led to the board’s decision to shutter The Knick in favor of a new building uptown. In this world of corruption, invention and progress, everyone is searching for the new path that will help him or her survive. Whether it’s a path toward justice, freedom, love or just plain survival, nothing comes easy. As relocation plans proceed, the gifted but under-appreciated Dr. Algernon Edwards jockeys to become Thackery’s successor as chief of surgery, while fellow doctors, nurses, nuns and administrators grapple with challenges at work and in their private lives.


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