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Timothy Williams' Diablo
4-Jan-2016 -

Milan Records will release the Diablo – Original Motion Picture soundtrack digitally on January 8, 2016. The album features the film’s original score by Timothy Williams and the original track “Bloodline” performed by Zella Day.

“When I first watched DIABLO, the first thing that struck me about the film was both the incredible beauty of the visuals and the haunting imagery of Scott Eastwood on a horse,” said Williams. “The character he plays, Jackson, a post Civil War soldier, is pursuing a group who have kidnapped his wife. It was powerful and compelling.”

DIABLO is a feature Western/psychological thriller set in the 1870s that focuses on a young, California farmer, Jackson (Scott Eastwood), whose wife, Alexsandra (Camille Belle), is kidnapped as we open. She is taken in the night by Mexican banditos who seem to hate Jackson. The young man quickly preps his horse and heads off after the kidnappers at first light.

On his journey after the men who have taken the one thing most precious to him, Jackson squares off with Asian traders, highway robbers, Native Americans with mixed feelings about him and even old friends whom he figured for dead. As Jackson pursues his kidnapped wife, we learn a few things about him: that he was a Civil War veteran, that he did things during the war that changed him and that he just can’t seem to shake a particularly murderous highwayman who seems to be hunting him.

“The director, Lawrence Roeck, and I discussed the tone at length and felt a more traditional western guitar driven score might feel a touch overused and might not serve the film well,” Williams described. "The story played much better as a psychological thriller, so we agreed that we wanted to head in that direction and try to capture the emotion of a man whose wife has been taken and the immense turmoil he faces on his journey to get her back. We wanted to contrast the great beauty of the surroundings with the darkness and twisting of the events.”

Williams turned to Zella Day to provide the end title tracks for the film. He said, “One of the great highlights of working on DIABLO, was having Zella Day write an end credit song. I had just done the orchestral arrangements for Zella Day's phenomenal hit record Kicker and I felt her aesthetic would be perfect for the film. She is such an outstanding young talent and she wrote a haunting moving song. Her producers, Xandy Barry and Wally Gagel, brought a gritty retro western vibe to the song and I had the great honor of arranging the orchestra. Hope you enjoy this great song as much as I do!”


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