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3-Mar-2016 -

Kronos Records presents again three new releases in The Gold Collection. The first one is a world exclusive: the soundtrack CD of Vatroslav Mimica's 1981 epic film Bahnovic Strahinja (The Falcon) for the first time ever in any format with a beautiful score by Alfi Kabiljo.

The second one is the soundtrack CD of L'Ultima Violenza, a 1957 Italian melodramatic film with music by Mario Nascimbene, produced and directed by Raffaello Matarazzo.

And finally for the first time ever in any format the CD soundtrack for Le Motorizzate, starring the Italian Prince Of Comedy Totò, and with music by Carlo Savina.

Banovic Strahinja
The music for The Falcon is as rich and as colourful as the film it was composed for. Kabiljo's immense knowledge of music transpares in this score, from the medieval sounds representing the Serbs to the Oriental dance or Green Swamp themes to represent the Ottomans. The fantastic performances of Ensemble Universitas Studiorum Zagrabiensis were also an important ingredient to the success of the score. On the festival of Yugoslav films in Pula (Istria, Croatia) in July 1981 Kabiljo got "The Golden Arena" award for best music. A big, powerful, deeply emotional beautiful score.


L'Ultima Violenza
L’Ultima Violenza is a purely golden age romantic score with a sound that says Made in Italy. Crafted by one of the most sensible and eclectic composers of the era, Mario Nascimbene, composer of LA GARCONNIERE, THE VIKINGS, SOLOMON AND SHEBA and BARABBAS to name a few.



Le Motorizzate
The music was composed and conducted by Carlo Savina, who was particularly industrious during the 1960’s through to the end of the 1970’s writing music for numerous spaghetti westerns, crime thrillers, romances and sexploitation movies as well as his fair share of Italian comedies such as LA MOTORIZZATEThe score is over-ally a jazz influenced work, relying upon the use of soft and easy listening sounding cues that would not be out of place as ambience music for a sophisticated cocktail party.

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