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21-Mar-2017 -

40 years after the release of one of the top Italian cult movies ever, Febbre da Cavallo, talented visionaries—together with the bold Roman producer of MF Produzioni—pay tribute to its myth by adapting it into a full-fledged musical. Written by Enrico Vanzina and directed by Claudio Insegno, with artistic supervision by Enrico Brignano, music by Fabio Frizzi (co-composer alongside Franco Bixio and Vince Tempera of the original film's iconic score) and lyrics by Tony Fornari.
It’s a theatrical reimagining brought to fruition with great taste and respect, with proficient actors paying homage to the great Gigi Proietti, Enrico Montesano, Adolfo Celi, Mario Carotenuto, Catherine Spaak and all the other great actors from the original movie from the '70s.



 The last delict is that of the “Blue Gay,” a Roman club famous for alternative entertainment. The 1984 movie Delitto Al Blue Gay (aka “Cop in Drag”) concludes a cinematic franchise that saw the Milian/Bombolo duo in the guise of Inspector Giraldi and Venticello, his inseparable alter ego. An atrocious murder is committed backstage at a club for customers with exotic tastes. After a few false starts, the investigation will find our commissioner on the trail of the guilty, outside Italy, the full disclosure of an international intrigue.

The discovery of a tape featuring the original recording session by Fabio Frizzi, finely restored, allowed for the realization of this CD in a bright stereo presentation of the complete soundtrack. 



Prega Il Morto E Ammazza Il Vivo is a 1971 movie directed by Giuseppe Vari with Klaus Kinski starring as Don Hogan, a dangerous bandit who is trying to flee to Mexico with some accomplices and a load of gold. The band is halted at a ranch where they meet a mysterious gunslinger, John Webb, who is there not just by sheer chance…

 The fantastic score by Mario Migliardi brings us inside the psychotic tension that derives from the morbid relationships between the various protagonists. Sounds of obsessive rhythmic tension alternate to gorgeous themes in which the harmonica by Franco De Gemini often plays the melody, surely an inspired performance by the popular Ferrara musician.




Ritratto Di Donna Velata is a very successful TV series produced in 1974 and broadcasted in five episodes beginning September 14, 1975. It was directed by Flaminio Bollini and starred Daria Nicolodi, with music by Riz Ortolani.

The complex story finds an archeology student and a young pilot in an intriguing mystery with an esoteric background, with a veiled woman and a horseman dressed in black glimpsed in the mist during the night.

For this series, Riz Ortolani composed some of the most beautiful melodies of his entire career, including the gorgeous main titles and end credits that were released at the time on a 45rpm that nowadays is impossible to find.




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