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31-Mar-2017 -





Quartet Records presents an expanded and remastered edition of Stephen Sondheim’s elegant, charming score for Alain Resnais’ 1974 French classic Stavisky, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anny Duperey, Michel Lonsdale and Charles Boyer.
The soundtrack album of Stavisky was released by C.A.M in Italy, and licensed to Polydor in France and RCA in the U.S.A. Subsequently, C.A.M released the CD edition twice, but only with the album program. For this new edition, mastered by Claudio Fuiano, we went back to the first-generation master tapes, courtesy of Gruppo Sugar, and offer the remastered album plus 20 minutes of previously unreleased tracks, having now the most complete edition of this distinguished score. The CD package includes a 16-page full-color booklet with detailed liner notes by Frank K. DeWald.

Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar present the CD premieres of two delightful scores composed by Armando Trovajoli (Paolo il Caldo, La famiglia; Ieri, oggi, domani; L’archidiavolo)—for the for the Italian classics La Terrazza and Telefoni Bianchi.
Dino Risi’s 1976 comedy Telefoni Bianchi is an inspired satire about the rise and fall of a chambermaid whose venture into singing and acting happens to coincide with the rise of Fascism of Italy. Named after a genre of popular Italian films, Telefoni Bianchi is a nostalgic masterpiece with a score to match. Trovajoli’s music builds upon contemporary forms of popular pieces, including songs, marches, jazz instrumentals and even features several send-ups of 1940s Italian film scoring. A colorful collection that has previously only been available on LP now gets a well-deserved CD premiere.
La terrazza comprises the premiere release of the complete score. Telefoni Bianchi features the CD premiere of the LP program, as there were no other cues available for inclusion (track 19 was partially damaged and has been restored from the only surviving master tape). The package includes a 12-page full-color booklet with liner notes by Gergely Hubai discussing both films and their respective scores.


Quartet Records is glad to present its first collaboration with the great and well-known composer Carles Cases (Mi nombre es sombra, Amic/Amat, Besos para todos, Caricias, Le grand batre, La vida abismal). After a few years away from the cinema, Cases returns with Los Del Túnel, a comedy directed by Pepón Montero. 
Carles Cases provides an epic and romantic score, with delicate orchestration and a beautiful, flowing leitmotif that winds slowly throughout the entire film.
Performed by The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the composer, with some soloists recorded in Barcelona, this score represents the return to the big screen of an indispensable composer of Spanish cinema.



Quartet Records presents the premiere release of the complete score composed by Carlo Rustichelli (L’isola di Arturo, La lunga notte del ’43, Avanti!, Delitto d’amore, Kapò) for the star-studded anthology film RoGoPaG.
RoGoPaG had an EP release which featured one version of the connective “Twist,” one track from “Illibatezza,” the opening of “La racotta” and three tracks from “Il pollo ruspante.” This Quartet Records release features the entire score for the first time, mastered by Claudio Fuiano from first-generation master tapes courtesy of Gruppo Sugar, including a fair share of Rustichelli’s delicious musical jokes. The 8-page booklet includes detailed liner notes by Gergely Hubai , discussing both film and score.

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