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Georges Delerue's Le Bestiaire D'amour/Mona, L'├ętoile Sans Nom
2-Sep-2017 - Disques Cinémusique will release Le Bestiaire d'Amour (1965), that belongs to this category of early soundtracks by Georges Delerue which, despite their great artistic value, have never been released on record, presumably because of the lack of quality master tapes. The disappointing sound of the 2005 DVD reissue of this documentary seems to confirm this hypothesis. A new recording was necessary, done by Robert Lafond, who has already proved his worth with five albums of film music by Delerue. As his expertise and digital sampling techniques evolve constantly, he reconstructed with striking realism this score which was originally performed by some thirty musicians. Also on the CD is Mona, L’étoile Sans Nom  by Henri Colpi. Despite Delerue's music for Mona being preserved on an EP, only the short Main Title has been reissued digitally, on several compilations devoted to the composer. Robert Lafond  has reconstructed the full content of this ten minute EP, which actually represents almost the entire soundtrack. 
For more info and ordering, visit Disques Cinémusique.

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