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Vincent Gillioz's No Marriage
17-Sep-2017 -

Vincent Gillioz has presented his effervescent score to No Marriage. Based on the highly popular manga of the same name, the movie adaptation tells the story of Gao Xin, a single office lady who faces family and societal pressure following a break-up with her ex-boyfriend. She meets up with the romantically inexperienced software engineer Rong Er, who is gathering data about female perspectives on love for research. This witty, light-hearted score is a departure from Gillioz's dissonant, jagged soundscapes, and truly showcases his talents as a superb melodist. The music starts with a pair of memorable themes representing the two youthful leads, together forming the melodic cornerstone of the score. This is a gorgeous score that sparkles like diamonds, and reveals a romantic side of Gillioz's music rarely seen. For a limited time, orders will include an insert booklet signed by the composer.

The score is available as CD-R and as download from the composer's website.

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