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7-May-2019 -
James Stewart and Dean Martin co-star as a pair of brothers in Bandolero!. They are on the run from a posse led by a sheriff (George Kennedy) particularly determined to rescue their beauteous hostage (Raquel Welch). Adding to the peril as they cross the border from Texas to Mexico is a gang of bandoleros intent on killing every gringo they come across. Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and highlighted by a superb isolated score track by Jerry Goldsmith.
Marlon Brando and Yul Brynner star in the suspenseful World War II thriller Morituri (1965). The action takes place on a blockade-running freighter traveling from Yokohama to Bordeaux with a load of vital war materiel; Brando is a German deserter recruited by the British to help obtain the cargo, while Brynner is the ship’s captain, ready to scuttle his own ship if threatened with capture. Also starring the lovely Janet Margolin as a concentration camp escapee, and with an isolated score track by Jerry Goldsmith.
Warlock (1959) is a remarkable adult Western directed by Edward Dmytryk, starring Henry Fonda as a murderous gunslinger hired to rid a frontier town of a gang of troublemakers. Meanwhile, a onetime black hat, played by Richard Widmark, takes on the more formal job of sheriff, and finds himself dealing with both the cowboy gang and the gunslinger. Anthony Quinn and Dorothy Malone co-star, backed by a villainous crew of superlative character actors. Shot by the great Joe MacDonald (My Darling Clementine), and featuring an isolated score track from Leigh Harline.
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