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Planet Of The Apes Collection
4-Aug-2019 -
La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox, Fox Music and Varèse Sarabande present a special, limited edition, 5-CD Box Set collection of the remastered motion picture scores from the original landmark Planet Of The Apes film franchise – Planet Of The Apes (1968), Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (1970), Escape From The Planet Of The Apes (1971), Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes (1972) and Battle For The Planet Of The Apes (1973). In collaboration with Varèse Sarabande, La-La Land Records has enlisted this box set’s co-producer, Mike Matessino to restore, mix and meticulously re-master these important film scores composed by Jerry Goldsmith, Leonard Rosenman and Tom Scott.

Produced by Matessino and Neil S. Bulk, executive produced for 20th Century Fox by Nick Redman and executive produced for Varèse Sarabande by Cary Mansfield and Bryon Davis, this deluxe set, marking La-La Land Record’s 500th soundtrack release, was restored and remastered from original studio vault elements, resulting in improved sound worthy of the great Caesar! The original 1968 PLANET OF THE APES album presentation is also included, upgraded sonically by way of this restoration. Four jewel cases, containing 5 discs total (one score on each disc), are housed, along with a separate overview booklet, in a handsome hardcover slipcase. The exclusive, in-depth notes by co-producer Matessino and writer Jeff Bond, take you within, and behind-the-scenes of the APES saga’s rich scores while Dan Goldwasser’s sharp art design rounds out this exciting limited edition of 5000 units.

For more info and ordering, visit La-La Land Records.


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