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Riz Ortolani's Un Dramma Borghese
21-Nov-2019 -

DigitSoundtracks will release the complete score by Riz Ortolani for the film Un Dramma Borghese (aka Mimi) for the first time on CD. Riz Ortolani composed an orchestral soundtrack with a recurring main theme resembling a children’s lullaby which was written for the adolescent girl in the film. It has a dramatic introduction and is then expanded on with the harpsichord and reprised in different versions with oboe, harp and guitar, giving it a touch of magic. The rustic atmosphere is often interrupted by dramatic and mysterious passages, as well as baroque music in a pop arrangement. They were able to access the masters in stereo from the original recording session and use everything that had been recorded. For more info and ordering, visit DigitSoundtracks.

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