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Bill Conti's The Big Fix
28-Mar-2020 -

From Varèse Sarabande comes the first-ever soundtrack release for The Big Fix with music by Bill Conti. The music was newly mixed and mastered in high resolution from the original multi-track scoring masters housed at Universal Studios. This presentation offers far more music than is heard in the film: Conti’s original cues not only offer a glimpse into the evolution of the Big Fix score, but into the versatility which is the hallmark of the composer’s craft. Conti brings out every weapon in his considerable musical arsenal for this soundtrack. Along with distinctive motifs, he energetically celebrates disco and out-and-out jazz, sometimes in one cue. In short, The Big Fix is a dazzling display of this essential composer’s wide-ranging talents. For more info and ordering, visit Varèse Sarabande.

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