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Great news from Varese Sarabande
4-Dec-2020 -


Varèse Sarabande has announced the first-ever digital release of 11 classic deluxe edition titles from its catalogue. The titles include: Village of the Damned by John Carpenter and Dave Davies, How to Train Your Dragon by John Powell, Dolores Claiborne by Danny Elfman, The Haunting and Small Soldiers by Jerry Goldsmith, Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond by Michael Giacchino, Outbreak by James Newton Howard, The Matrix by Don Davis and Volcano by Alan Silvestri.

These deluxe edition albums are available on all major streaming platforms. Please find information about each release below and note that the titles with an asterisk are also available on CD.

*Village of the Damned (Deluxe Edition) by John Carpenter & Dave Davies
Village of the Damned (Deluxe Edition) features extended cues, film versions of the score and the original 1995 soundtrack. Composed by John Carpenter and Kinks guitarist Dave Davies, this is a dark and suspenseful electronic score mixed with live instruments. Carpenter described their score as one of the most full, romantic scores he’d ever done. “My job as a composer is to support the drama, unify sequences, and heighten suspense.” This 36-track album is also available on CD.

*How to Train Your Dragon (Deluxe Edition) by John Powell
John Powell made a memorable impression with his How to Train Your Dragon score, which earned him his first Academy Award® nomination. The Deluxe Edition includes the score as heard in the film, along with alternate versions and demos. The score was produced in collaboration with and curated by composer John Powell and 5 Cat Studios. This significant expansion features 42 tracks and is also available on CD.

*Dolores Claiborne (Deluxe Edition) by Danny Elfman
One of the most important and impressive film scores of Danny Elfman's career, Dolores Claiborne is an often overlooked and grossly underappreciated score from the maestro. Not only does it depart from Elfman’s characteristic style both aurally and compositionally, but it also displays Elfman’s maturity as a filmmaker and storyteller using music to define, paint and coax a psychological narrative. The Deluxe Edition greatly expands the soundtrack from 9 to 31 tracks and is also available on CD.

The Haunting (Deluxe Edition) by Jerry Goldsmith
Academy Award®–winning composer Jerry Goldsmith’s classic score for Jan de Bont’s 1999 remake of The Haunting, based on Shirley Jackson’s acclaimed novel by the same name. The Deluxe Edition soundtrack is remastered and sounding better than ever, with over twice as many tracks as the original release. The CD version is sold out, so thankfully, you can now stream this popular title digitally.

Small Soldiers (Deluxe Edition) by Jerry Goldsmith
Small Soldiers is another iconic score from the late Academy Award®–winning composer Jerry Goldsmith. The 1998 action-adventure film was directed by the prolific filmmaker Joe Dante. The Deluxe Edition album is remastered and has been expanded from 9 to 36 tracks. The CD is sold out and, due to popular demand, is now available for streaming on digital.

*Star Trek (Deluxe Edition) by Michael Giacchino
Star Trek (Deluxe Edition) was originally released in 2010 as a greatly expanded 5,000-copy special package, limited edition version of Academy Award®–winning composer Michael Giacchino’s score. Since the last copy was purchased almost a decade ago, there have been requests for a re-release. The Deluxe Edition track listing remains identical and includes the abundance of additional cues that had been previously unreleased. The 44-track album is also available on CD.


Star Trek Into Darkness (Deluxe Edition) by Michael Giacchino
Michael Giacchino reunited with director J.J. Abrams to steer the Enterprise through its darkest territory yet. The epic Deluxe Edition for Star Trek Into Darkness features two hours of Giacchino’s soaring score. The album is also available on CD but is currently out of stock.


*Star Trek Beyond (Deluxe Edition) by Michael Giacchino
Star Trek Beyond, the latest installment in the globally popular Star Trek franchise, created by Gene Roddenberry and reintroduced by J.J. Abrams in 2009, returns with composer Michael Giacchino. The Deluxe Edition album features over two hours of Giacchino’s epic score and is also available on CD.


Outbreak (Deluxe Edition) by James Newton Howard
Outbreak is one of Academy Award®–nominated composer James Newton Howard’s greatest scores of the 1990s. The Deluxe Edition is expanded from 30 minutes to over 100 minutes of score. The CD version is sold out but is available for digital streaming and purchase.


The Matrix (Deluxe Edition) by Don Davis
The Matrix (Deluxe Edition) weds composer Don Davis’ mastery of musical detail and coloration to a largely atonal postmodern concerto that’s complex, dark and unrelenting. With news that The Matrix will be returning for a fourth installment in 2021, new and original fans are revisiting the soundtrack that started it all. The Deluxe Edition is remastered, contains new artwork and has been expanded from 10 to 30 tracks. The CD version is sold out but is available for digital streaming and purchase.

Volcano (Deluxe Edition) by Alan Silvestri
Academy Award®–nominated composer Alan Silvestri’s action score from the 1997 film Volcano is widely regarded as a classic from his long list of credits, which include the Back to the Future trilogy, Forrest Gump and Avengers: Endgame. The Deluxe Edition CD version is sold out but is available for digital streaming and purchase.










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