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Oscar Fogelström's Conquering China
18-Dec-2020 -

Swedish composer Oscar Fogelström has announced the digital release of his musical documentary score for Conquering China"Conquering China was a super interesting film to score,” explains Oscar Fogelström. The score is meant to complement Jonason’s own pop music as well as songs by prominent Chinese artists. " I love this kind of ambiguous vibe as the whole film moves between fantasy and reality in a seamless manner, plus I also found the idea really compelling because it was my job to portray the ”old western society” with my music, as a contrast to the fast-paced Chinese way of living. Using nineteenth century eastern European music as a foundation for the score, this gave me the opportunity to pay tribute to some of my favourite composers, like Wojciech Kilar." Conquering China is available on all digital platforms.

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