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Guy Farley's Silver Skates
20-Dec-2020 -

MovieScore Media’s latest wonderful winterland release Silver Skates (Serebryanye Konki) is an epic romantic score for a late 19th century adventure wherein Guy Farley’s music stands on its own against the world of Claude Debussy and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. “Director Michael Lockshin wanted strong themes, emotion, drama, classic orchestral story telling as the story is set onset on the frozen canals of St. Petersburg, where the iced over river Neva is used as the main source of transport, employing skaters as couriers,” explains Guy about his music. The score uses a host of Russian instruments, balalaikas, domra, gusli, dulcimer, saz, bayan (a Russian accordion) and ethnic percussion – but a few cues also have a quasi-gypsy flavour to represent a gang of thieves. In collaboration with MovieScore Media, a physical CD release will be released shortly by KeepMoving Records. For more info, visit MovieScore Media.



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