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Andrew Lockington/Michael White's Trigger Point
14-Apr-2021 -

MovieScore Media has joined forces with composers Andrew Lockington and Michael White on the gritty action thriller score for Trigger Point“Andrew and Michael’s beautiful score for Trigger Point elevates every single moment of the movie,” says director Brad Turner. “They were able to access Nicolas’s subconscious and supply a level of music that any filmmaker would envy". Andrew Lockington and Michael White add: “Using ukelines, nyckelharpa, bass flute and analogue synth rhythms and textures we started building the sound of the world of Trigger Point. The score serves to echo the humanity deep within and hint at the two extremes of Nicolas’s character – the person he used to be, and the demon he’s willing to unleash to avenge that person.” For more info and ordering, visit MovieScore Media.

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