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Philippe Sarde's Les Choses De La Vie/Nelly Et Mr. Arnaud
4-Aug-2021 -

Quartet Records, in collaboration with Gruppo Sugar, presents Les Choses De La Viea Philippe Sarde and Claude Sautet double-header, including the first and last collaboration between the composer and director, celebrating perhaps the most important and influential professional relationship in the composer’s career. Due to the success of the film and its music, a soundtrack album was issued by Philips in France and CAM in Italy when the film was released internationally. Reissued several times on both CD and LP, this new edition has been slightly expanded to include a seven-minute suite with the original version of “L’accident” and some short cues omitted from the original LP, as well as the original Italian and German versions of “La chanson d’Hélene”. The delicate, subtle score for Nelly Et Mr. Arnaud was conceived by the composer as a 12-minutes suite, here receiving its complete premiere release. Not one more second of music was recorded for this film. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records. 

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