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Danny Elfman's Sleepy Hollow
10-Aug-2021 -

Intrada Records has released Danny Elfman’s powerful greatly expanded 1999 horror soundtrack Sleepy Hollow on 4 CDs! Danny Elfman fashions arguably his biggest, most vividly terrifying score, written for massive orchestra, chorus plus boys choir and soloists, with pipe organ in tow. Elfman melds haunting lyricism with dynamic power and dense intensity. Results are now gentle, now thundering. Epic indeed! Adding further weight to score, Elfman creates several lengthy sequences: The Tree Of Death, The Church Battle, The Windmill, The Chase and Final Confrontation, plus others. Some 95 minutes of music appears in the finished film. All of it appears on this 4-CD release. But there is much much more! Over an hour of additional alternates and rescored sequences also appear. Some of these offer considerably different takes on the same cue, others have rewritten bars that offer subtler alterations. For more info and ordering, visit Intrada Records.

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