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Nathan Barr's The Great
14-Feb-2022 -

Lakeshore Records has released The Great Season 2 digitally. Composed by EMMY-winning Nathan Barr, the thrillingly orchestrated score touches on classic Russian themes, showcasing the traditional stringed balalaika. No doubt fans of Hulu’s comedy series The Great are fully aware of the show’s hilarious dialogue and opulent production design; and, what rounds it all out is Nathan Barr’s thrilling score! “In Season 2 of The Great, I have had the great joy of continuing to score Tony McNamara’s brilliant and hilarious series. Driven by orchestra, synth, and a chorus of balalaikas, the score leans heavily into melody and theme with Russian undertones and the occasional contemporary pulse,” says Barr.And now fans can get their hands on the soundtrack! Download the soundtrack on

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