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Roy Budd's Get Carter
2-Apr-2022 -

Music on Vinyl has released Get Carter, the classic 1971 British gangster movie, starring Michael Caine in a career-defining role as a London gangster out for revenge in the grim North. It could easily have come with a period glam rock soundtrack, but it sounded so much better with cool jazz. The album features classy, cool and slightly edgy jazz that evokes the gritty imagery of the film. The iconic soundtrack, recorded on a tiny budget, was written by the jazz prodigy Roy Budd. The score continues to inspire musicians worldwide. Performed by Budd, in interplay with Jeff Clyne and Chris Karan (both of the Dudley Moore Trio), the trio carry the emotional weight of the soundtrack which has led to a number of covers and tributes. For more info and ordering, visit Music on Vinyl.

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