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Nino Oliviero's Una Moglie Americana
17-Apr-2023 -

Quartet Records, in collaboration with GDM and Universal Music Publishing Ricordi, presents the premiere release of the complete score by Nino Oliviero (MONDO CANE, UNA MOGLIE GIAPPONESA, RINGO DAL NEBRASKA) for Ugo Tognazzi’s Italian romantic-comedy vehicle Una Moglie Americana (aka RUN FOR YOUR WIFE), directed by Pier Luigi Polidoro in 1965.

The film is about Riccardo (Tognazzi), an unhappy employee of a shoe factory who decides to use his next business trip for a more personal reason. Based on the positive experiences of one of his colleagues, he sets out to find an American wife and marry her in order to get a Green Card that allows him a move to the New World. His enterprising friend reminds him that he doesn’t have much time, so until his tourist visa expires, Riccardo must race through the United States in search of a wife…

The Mancini-like score was composed by Nino Oliviero, famous for having co-written with Riz Ortolani the music for MONDO CANE, which was a worldwide hit, and whose song “More” reached number 1 in the charts. For RUN FOR YOUR WIFE, Oliviero was expected to deliver a theme song along the lines of “More” from Mondo Cane—and just like that with that picture, the vocal version of “All” had no prominent placement in the film. The theme itself however is almost omnipresent in the score, from the orchestral splendor of “Titoli,” to the sultry saxophone of “Tutto per Carol” and the various lounge arrangements for party sequences heard in the film. Oliviero’s approach to the different women also has a distinct quality to it with musical parodies describing each new conquest in brilliant set pieces.

Although the film was more successful in Italy than in the U.S., the LP prepared by Nino Oliviero appeared solely in the American market on the RCA label, where the song “All” was performed by Frankie Randall and promoted as “the new song from the composer of ‘More.’” This new Quartet CD includes not only the original album, but the complete score and a large number of unused cues and alternates, almost all in pristine stereo. This release was produced by Claudio Fuiano and mastered by Chris Malone. The booklet includes liner notes by Gergely Hubai.


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