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3 Films By Jess Franco

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3 Films By Jess Franco



3 Films By Jess Franco (1995)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Manfred Hübler
Siegfried Schwab

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Lucertola Media LMCD 004 Image supplied by

Lucertola Media LMCD 004  

Release Date

Limited edition of 500 copies.

Also contains music from:
 Vampiras, Las
 Sie Tötete In Ekstase
 Teufel Kam Aus Akasawa, Der

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Collection: 34
Wish list: 13

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  Track listing

1.  The Lions And The Cucumber (05:07)
2.  Psycho Contact - Part One (01:30)
3.  There Is No Satisfaction (03:07)
4.  Psycho Contact - Part Two (01:36)
5.  The Message (03:19)
6.  Psycho Contact - Part Three (01:31)
7.  Ghosts Or Good And Bad Onions (04:26)
8.  Psycho Contact - Part Four (01:29)
9.  Countdown To Nowhere (02:25)
10.  Psycho Contact - Part Five (01:22)
11.  Droge CX 9 (05:10)
Tracks 1-11 performed by The Vampires' Sound Incorporation
12.  Dedicated To Love (02:32)
13.  People's Playground - Version A (00:50)
14.  We Don't Care (05:21)
15.  People's Playground - Version B (01:18)
16.  The Ballad Of A Fair Singer (04:22)
17.  People's Playground - Version C (01:27)
18.  Necronomania (02:08)
19.  Kama Sutra (04:00)
20.  People's Playground - Version D (01:01)
21.  Shindai Lovers (04:19)
22.  Konkubination (03:58)
23.  People's Playground - Version E (00:50)
24.  The Six Wisdoms Of Aspasia (04:18)
Music from the films Vampyros Lesbos, She Killed In Ecstasy & The Devil Came From Akasava. Composed by Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab

Total Duration: 01:07:26
Track listing contributed by exploboy

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