Composer Details
Luichy Guzmán
July 22, 1974 

Country of origin
Dominican Republic 

Web site 

Born: Luis Alberto Guzmán July 22, 1974 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic ----------------------------------------------------------
Luichy Guzman is a composer for film, TV, commercials and video videogames based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He started practicing guitar at the age of 12 on his own with a little help from his father and aunt. When he was young he wrote and played in a rock band and had various songs reach number one spot in local radio stations. He grew up listening to the original soundtracks of composer John Williams and went often to the movie theatre where he found out that the music from the films stayed in his head for a long while. He has never studied formal composition and everything he does is empirical in nature, researching and analyzing contemporary composers like Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Ennio Morricone, as much as the classics like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. He started composing for commercials and just recently finished his first feature “Quiero ser fiel (I Want To Be Faithful)”, a romantic comedy directed by Joe Menendez, with actors, Valentino Lanus and Sandra Echeverria. His way of approaching movie music is very particular given the peculiar musical formation and diverse musical background, producing memorable pieces that pleases the visual as well as the auditory.  

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