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Nezabyvayemyj God 1919



Nezabyvayemyj God 1919 (1952)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Dmitri Shostakovich

Released in:


Also known as:
  • Unforgettable Year 1919, The (1952)

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Marco Polo 8.223897

Marco Polo 8.223897  

Release Date

Moscow Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adriano.

Also contains music from:

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Collection: 10
Wish list: 1

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Naxos 8.570238

Naxos 8.570238  

Release Date

Moscow Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adriano.
Moscow Capella & Youth Chorus.
Ellena Alekseyeva, piano.

Also contains music from:

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Collection: 17
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  Track listing

1.  Main Title Part 1 (02:44)
2.  Beautiful Day (02:15)
3.  Alyosha By The River (01:39)
4.  Stalin's Garden (02:02)
5.  Alyosha And Natalia In The Fields - Attack (03:53)
6.  Hitler's Reception (01:32)
7.  In The Devastated Village (02:40)
8.  Forward! (00:58)
9.  Main Title Part 2 (02:06)
10.  The Roll Call - Attack At Night (03:01)
11.  Storming Seelov Heights (Zielona Gora) (06:26)
12.  The Flooding Of The Underground Station (01:11)
13.  The Final Battle For The Reichstag - Kostya's Death (04:06)
14.  Yussuf's Death - The Red Banner (03:41)
15.  Stalin At Berlin Airport (04:28)
16.  Finale: Stalin's Speech - Alyosha And Natasha Reunited (02:44)
tracks 1-16 from "The Fall Of Berlin" (45:34)
17.  Introduction (02:04)
18.  Romance (Meeting Of Shibayev With Katya) (04:52)
19.  Scene From The Sea Battle (02:19)
20.  Scherzo (02:25)
21.  The Assault On The Red Hill (07:00)
22.  Intermezzo (05:03)
23.  Finale (06:06)
tracks 17-23 from "The Unforgettable Year 1919" (30:35)

Total Duration: 01:15:15
Track listing contributed by serifiot

Compilation Albums

Chandos Movies CHAN 10361

Chandos Movies CHAN 10361  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Martin Roscoe piano.
The BBC Philharmonic conducted by Vassily Sinaisky.
Recorded in Studio 7, New Broadcasting House, Manchester on 12 & 13 October 2004.

Also contains music from:
 Pyat Dnej - Pyat Nochej
 Molodaja Gvardija

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Film Music Of Dmitri Shostakovich, Volume 3, The

Other information
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Collection: 7
Wish list: 0

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  Track listing

1.  Introduction. Largo (02:46)
2.  Ball at the Palace. Presto (02:56)
3.  The Ghost. Largo (04:38)
4.  Scene of the Poisoning. Largo (06:47)
5.  Arrival and Scene of the Players. Allegro (01:50)
6.  Ophelia. Andante (03:32)
7.  Duel and Death of Hamlet. Allegro - Largo (06:02)
Tracks 1 to 7 from: Suite from 'Hamlet'
8.  The Assault on Krasnaya Gorka. Allegro (07:29)
From: From 'The Unforgettable Year 1919'
9.  Introduction. Adagio (06:32)
10.  Dresden in Ruins. Largo (06:19)
11.  Liberated Dresden. Moderato - Presto (06:04)
12.  Interlude. Andante - Allegro - Tempo I (05:48)
13.  Finale. Moderato - Allegretto (08:05)
Tracks 9 to 13 from: Suite from 'Five Days and Five Nights'
14.  By the River. Moderato - Allegro - Tempo I
15.  Turbulent Night. Moderato - Adagio
16.  Song of the Young Guardsmen. Moderato sostenuto
Tracks 14 to 16 from: Suite from 'The Young Guard'

Total Duration: 01:08:48
Track listing contributed by micjo197

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