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Christophe Beck triumphs with We Are Marshall
19-Dec-2006 -

A poignant and inspiring score from a musical genius.

Film composer Christophe Beck scores the Warner Bros. movie We Are Marshall, which releases in theaters December 22. Based on actual events surrounding the 1970s plane crash that killed most of Marshall University's football team, the film tells a story of perseverance and healing as the survivors attempt to rebuild their team and spirit. Matthew McConaughey stars as the determined new coach alongside Matthew Fox ("Lost"). McG, who made his mark directing award-winning music videos before moving into film, directs.

With We Are Marshall, Christophe Beck further demonstrates his ability to deliver a poignant and somber, yet hopeful and inspiring score. The prolific composer has demonstrated his scoring versatility in such varied films as comedy The Pink Panther, thriller The Sentinel and romantic drama Under The Tuscan Sun. His other credits, which include scores for Elektra, Bring It On, American Wedding and Two For The Money, helped earn Beck the title of "Busiest Composer" from Hollywood Reporter in 2005. Beck began his composing career in television and won an Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition for his work in the series Buffy.

Because of Christophe Beck's extensive musical experience, he has been described as a musical genius. His talents span a wide range of genres, instruments, mediums and geographic locations. The Montreal native began piano studies at the age of five and by high school had mastered flute, saxophone, trombone and drums. While studying music at Yale, he realized that his talent for writing exceeded that of performing. He wrote two musicals and an opera during his time there. Soon after, he moved to the opposite coast to study with Jerry Goldsmith in USC's film scoring program.

Beck most recently completed the score for School For Scoundrels, starring Billy Bob Thornton. He is currently working on License To Wed, a comedy starring Robin Williams and Mandy Moore.

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