Frequently Asked Questions
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About the site

About soundtracks

What is SoundtrackCollector?

SoundtrackCollector is an online community of people interested in movie soundtracks. It contains a growing collection of information on movie soundtracks.

I want to buy a soundtrack. How do I do that?

SoundtrackCollector is NOT a shop. You cannot buy any of the soundtracks in our database from us.
However, you can buy some of the soundtracks from Amazon, CDNOW or any of the other shops by using the links we provide.
You cam also by some of the soundtracks from other SoundtrackCollector members through the classified ads.

Who can see which soundtracks I have in my collection?

Only you can see which soundtracks you have in your collection or on your wish list. We only show information on how many people have a certain soundtrack in their collection or wish list, but this is only to show other members whether a soundtrack is popular or not.

In the future, it will possible to let other members view what's in your collection or on your wish list (but you specify which soundtracks other members get to see). Opening up your collection will make collaboration between members possible (maybe you can sell or swap soundtracks).

How much does it cost to become a member?

At the moment, SoundtrackCollector is completely free. You can sponsor us by buying from or using one of the links we have on a number of pages.

How do you get your information?

We do a lot of active gathering of information, but the bulk of our information is submitted by people in the industry and visitors like you.

Also, in April 2001, Cees Eijck generously donated us his database of over 29000 movies and 3500 soundtracks. Cees Eijck is the founder of the Dutch branch of the Max Steiner Society and co-founder of Cinemusica, the Dutch Foundation for Film Music

What is the difference between a soundtrack and a label?

A soundtrack is the original recording of the score of a movie.

A label is what is issued by a specific manufacturer (like Varese Sarabande, Sony or MCA).

Each soundtrack can be released by a number of labels. For instance, in many cases the European and US versions are released on completely different labels, but they still contain the same soundtrack. In the SoundtrackCollector database you can see which labels have been released for a specific soundtrack.