Barry De Vorzon
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1970   R.P.M.  
  Bell Records 1203 United States LP
1971   Bless The Beasts & Children  
  A&M Records 85797 United States LP
  A&M Records SP 4322 United States LP
  A&M Records AM-114 Japan 45RPM
1973   Dillinger  
  MCA Records MAPS 7044 Germany LP
  Philips FILM-2003 Japan 45RPM
  MCA Records 7143 LP
  MCA Records D-1242 Japan 45RPM
  MCA Records 360 United States LP
  MCA Records D-1242 Japan 45RPM
  Young And The Restless, The  
  Paradigm Records PME 029-2 United States CD
  A&M Records 1856-S United States 45RPM
  PIP 6812 United States LP
  Pickwick SPC-3566 Canada LP
1975   Hard Times  
  Twilight Time TWILIGHT50-BR United States DVD
  RCA Records 74321664972 Spain CD
  ABC Records 6.26-101-005 Brazil 45RPM
  RCA Records RS 1086 (APL1-1896) Great Britain LP
  Mercury Records SRM-1-1089 United States LP
  Rhino R2 75866 United States CD
  RCA Records APL1-1896 United States LP
1976   Bobby Jo and the Outlaw  
  TV's Greatest Detective Themes  
  Mercury Records SRM-1-1089 United States LP
1977   Dog and Cat  
  Rolling Thunder  
  Buddah Records SFL-2283 Japan 45RPM
1978   Lacy and the Mississipi Queen  
  Ski Lift to Death  
1979   Beach Patrol  
  Warriors, The  
  A&M Records 393151-2 Germany CD
  A&M Records PCCY 10294 Japan CD
  A&M Records CD 3151 United States CD
  A&M Records AMP-6057 Japan LP
  A&M Records AMP-1045 Japan 45RPM
  A&M Records AMLH 64761 Netherlands LP
  A&M Records SP-4761 United States LP
  A&M Records AMS 7607 Italy 45RPM
  Spectrum Music 551 169-2 Great Britain CD
  A&M/Universal B0005727-02 United States CD
  Festival/A&M Records D 19133 Australia CD
  La-La Land Records LLLCD 1261 United States CD
1980   Bad C.A.T.S.  
  Comeback Kid, the  
  Ninth Configuration, the  
  Stunts Unlimited  
  Jet Records JET LX 526 Great Britain LP
  Jet Records JET S 185 Germany 45RPM
  Jet Records JET LP 526 Spain LP
  Epic Records 486620-2 Great Britain CD
  Universal Pictures/MCA Records MCAD-11857 United States CD
  MCA Records 6100 United States LP
  Jet Records JET 185 European Union 45RPM
  Jet Records JET 185 Italy 45RPM
  Jet 465054 2 Australia CD
  Jet Records JS 019 Australia 45RPM
  Jet Records/CBS/Sony Records CSCS 6034 Japan CD
  MCA Records MCAD 11857 United States CD
  Jet Records/Epic JET 185 Spain 45RPM
1981   Children Nobody Wanted, the  
  Jekyll and Hyde...Together Again  
  Warner Bros. Records PRO-A-991 United States 45RPM
1982   Renegades, the  
  Simon & Simon  
  Earthtone ET-7005 United States 45RPM
1983   High Performance  
  Just Our Luck  
  Lone Star  
1985   Kojak: the Belarus File  
1986   Intimate Strangers  
  Night Of The Creeps  
  La-La Land Records LLLCD 1107 United States CD
1990   Exorcist III, The  
1996   TV Hits 100% Tecno  
  Polygram IbĂ©rica 5338302 Spain CD
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