Trevor Jones
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1979   Beneficiary, the  
  Black Angel  
  Britannia - the First of the Last  
1980   Brothers and Sisters  
1981   Dollar Bottom  
  Island Records 203947 United States LP
  Dandalf the Dragon FD41207 United States CD
  Island Records 203 947-320 Germany LP
  Edel-Cinerama Records CIN 2217-2 Germany CD
  Island Records I-203947 Spain LP
  Lancelot 600700 United States CD
  Excalibur Enterprises EXCO-19812006 Austria CD
  Phonogram 6313 216 France LP
  Old World Music OWM 9402 United States CD
  Silva Classics SILKD 6040 Great Britain CD
  Excalibur Enterprises EXCD2001 United States CD
  Island Records 6010.412 France 45RPM
  Silva Screen SILCD1170 Great Britain CD
1982   Appointment, the  
  Dark Crystal, The  
  CBS Records 70233 Netherlands LP
  CBS Records S 70233 Spain LP
  Numenorean Music NMCD 003 United States CD
  La-La Land Records LLLCD 1059 United States CD
  Gelfling 250.27.3 CD
  Columbia TriStar Home Video 02849 United States DVD
  MCA Records CD 923749-2 United States CD
  Warner Brothers Records/HUM! WB 32749-4 United States Cassette
  Warner Bros. 1-23749 United States LP
  Contemporary Media Recordings CMR 2006-3 Great Britain CD
  Joni Jones  
  Sender, The  
  La-La Land Records LLLCD 1137 United States CD
1983   Nate And Hayes  
  Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 417 United States CD
  Cinerama/Edel CIN 2216-2 Germany CD
  La-La Land Records LLLCD 1116 United States CD
  One of Ourselves  
  Those Glory, Glory Days  
  Time Bandits  
1984   And Pigs Might Fly  
  Last Days of Pompeii, the  
  This Office Life  
1985   Dr. Fisher of Geneva  
  From an Immigrant's Diary  
  Jim Henson Presents The World Of Puppetry  
  Last Place On Earth, The  
  Island Records ISTA 8 Great Britain LP
  Movietrack Classics MTC 4660 Great Britain CD
  Contemporary Media Recordings CMR 2006-3 Great Britain CD
  Runaway Train  
  La-La Land Records LLLCD 1095 United States CD
  Enigma Records SJ 73200-1 United States LP
  Twilight Time no label number United States DVD
  Milan Records A 267 France LP
  Milan Records CD CH 267 Switzerland CD
1986   Labyrinth  
  EMI America B-8323 United States 45RPM
  EMI/Oasis Records OET 634 Korea, Republic of Cassette
  EMI America CDP 7 46312 2 United States CD
  EMI 8323 United States 45RPM
  EMI 58439 Argentina LP
  EMI K060-20 1288 6 Netherlands 45RPM
  EMI America 074 24 0578 1 Spain LP
  EMI EYS-17635 Japan 45RPM
  EMI America SV-17206 United States LP
  JANE Records JCD-62109 United States CD
  EMI America 201281-7 Netherlands 45RPM
  EMI America 064 24 0578 1 Netherlands LP
  EMI America 4XV-17206 United States Cassette
  EMI Records CP 32-5155 Japan CD
  EMI EA 216 Great Britain 45RPM
  EMI America Records 077774631228 Australia CD
  EMI 2405781 United States LP
  EMI America ED-208 Australia 45RPM
1987   Angel Heart  
  Antilles ANCD 8709 Great Britain CD
  Antilles 90135 United States LP
  Antilles 208 396 Germany LP
  Antilles AN 8709 Great Britain LP
  Antilles 91035 2 United States CD
  Antilles/Island Records 262 047 Germany CD
  Island Records L 38974 (AN 8709) Australia LP
  Island/Antilles IMCD 76 (842 440-2) France CD
  Antilles/Island Records 422-842 440-2 United States CD
  Island Visual Arts IMCD 76 CD
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