Neal Acree
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1997   Stargate SG-1  
  Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 374 United States CD
  Milan 35832-2 United States CD
  GNP Crescendo GNPD 8074 United States CD
2000   Crash Point Zero  
  Composer promo United States Other
2001   Venomous  
  Composer promo No number United States Other
2003   Lost Treasure  
  NAFM 009 United States CD
  NAFM 009 United States CD
2004   Curse Of The Komodo, The  
  NAFM 010 United States CD
  NAFM 013 United States CD
2005   7 Seconds  
  Composer promo NAFM 014 United States CD
  Crash Landing  
  NAFM 015 United States CD
2006   Juncture  
2007   Hallowed Ground  
2008   World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King  
  Silva Screen Records SILED4608 Great Britain Other
2010   StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty  
  Azeroth Music/Blizzard Entertainment S7283653 United States CD
  War Of The Dead  
  World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm  
  Blizzard Entertainment S7284852 United States CD
2011   Essential Games Music Collection Vol. 1, The  
  Silva Screen Records SILED4608 Great Britain Other
2012   Diablo III  
  Blizzard Entertainment S7285044 United States CD
2015   Revelation  
  Varese Sarabande 302 067 402 8 United States CD
  StarCraft II: Legacy Of The Void  
  Azeroth Music/Blizzard Entertainment 72969300EU European Union CD
2022   Legend Of Vox Machina, The  
  Legend Of Vox Machina, The  
  Lakeshore Records United States Other
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