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  1. Armour Hot Dogs - The Dogs Kids Love to Bite (00:00)
    from TeeVee Toons: The Commercials
  2. Devil Dogs Hurry in D Minor (The Fighting Devil Dogs) (02:19)
    from Music From The Serials
    Alberto Colombo
  3. The Fighting Devil Dogs: Devil Dogs Hurry In D Minor (00:00)
    from Cliffhangers! Music From The Classic Republic Films
  4. Dogs (00:57)
    from Ghostbusters
  5. Dogs (03:31)
    from Hitcher, The
  6. The Dogs (01:45)
    from David Raksin At M-G-M
  7. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Across The Wide Missouri
  8. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Kind Lady
  9. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Man With A Cloack, The
  10. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Girl In White, The
  11. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Magnificent Yankee, The
  12. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Next Voice You Hear..., The
  13. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Right Cross
  14. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Grounds For Marriage
  15. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Vintage, The
  16. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Lady Without Passport, A
  17. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Until They Sail
  18. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Pat And Mike
  19. The Dogs (01:45)
    from Reformer And The Redhead, The
  20. Sle Dogs (02:26)
    from Pitch Black
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