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Music from CBS Westerns



Music from CBS Westerns (2004)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Jerome Moross
Franz Waxman
Bernard Herrmann
Hugo Friedhofer

Released in:

United States

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Film Music Society FMS001

Film Music Society FMS001  

United States 
Release Date

Limited editon of 1000 copies.

Also contains music from:
 Cimarron Strip

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Collection: 49
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  Track listing

1.  Gunsmoke: Stolen Horses (10:08)
(The Horse Theft – Kitty – Riding – The Shack – In The Bushes – The Captive – Kurch – Back At The Ranch – Chief Quick Knife – Farewell), composed by Jerome Moross
2.  Gunsmoke: The Raid (15:56)
(The Holdup – The Challenge – Guns For Sale – The Pursuit – All Is Clear – The Posse – The Hideout – Matt and Festus – More Dead Outlaws – The Last Two – Between The Rocks – Finale), composed by Franz Waxman
3.  Gunsmoke: Harriet (10:01)
(Two Riders – Gone At Last – Harriet I – Harriet II – Not Talking – The Fare Game – The Plan’s Working – I’ll Be Their Hangman – Afternoon Ride – Something’s Wrong – Don’t Shoot – Finale: Harriet), composed by Bernard Herrmann
4.  Rawhide: Six Weeks To Bent Fork (12:22)
(The Big Push – A Mean Motha – Meet Sheriff Keeley – Rowdy Goes To Town – Rowdy’s Move – Lash Quits), composed by Hugo Friedhofer
5.  Cimarron Strip: Knife In The Darkness (17:33)
(Dancing – Through The Woods – Crown – Trouble – Gambler – At The Table – Bawled Out – Deserted – Three Indians – Luggage – Open Ceiling – Suitcase – Wardrobe), composed by Bernard Herrmann

Total Duration: 01:06:00
Track listing contributed by Alan Rogers

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