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Gunsmoke (1955)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Bernard Herrmann (episodes "Harriet"; "Kitty Shot" and "Tall Trapper, The")
Franz Waxman
Jerry Goldsmith
Elmer Bernstein
Bruce Broughton
Nathan van Cleave
Allyn Ferguson
Gerald Fried
Rene Garriguenc
Bruce Geller (1965)
Harry Geller
Herschel Burke Gilbert (1965)
Jerrold Immel
Leo Klatzkin
Jaime Mendoza-Nava
Jerome Moross
Lyn Murray
John Carl Parker
Jack Pleis
Will Schaefer
Rudy Schrager
Nathan Scott (as Nathan G. Scott)
Richard Shores
Fred Steiner
Leith Stevens
Morton Stevens
Wilbur Hatch
Martin L. Klein
Rex Koury (theme)
Van McCoy (1965)
Lucien Moraweck
Tommy Morgan
William Grant Still

Released in:

United States

Also known as:
  • Marshal Dillon (1955, United States)
  • Gun Law (1955, Great Britain)

Other Resources:

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Collection: 110
Wish list: 33

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There are 4 compilation albums for this title.

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Pickwick JS-6130 Image supplied by

Pickwick JS-6130  

United States 
Release Date
Contains songs & dialogue.

Other information
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Collection: 0
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  Track listing

1.  Festus Talks About Gunsmoke's Dodge City (03:44)
2.  Dodge City (02:24)
3.  Festus Tells About His Grandpa Hawg Haggen (02:17)
4.  The Ballad Of Hawg Haggen (01:59)
5.  Festus Talks About Girls (02:30)
6.  Golly Bill (02:11)
7.  Festus Talks About Teenage Music And Dances (02:50)
8.  Corn Bread And Buttermilk (01:50)
9.  Festus Tells About His Hometown (02:26)
10.  My Home Town (02:45)
11.  Festus Writes To His Girl (02:27)
12.  Phooey On You Little Darlin' (02:07)
13.  Festus Talks About Mules (02:36)
14.  You're Nothin' But A "It" (02:27)
15.  Festus Tells About His Trip To Las Vegas (03:00)
16.  Las Vegas, Nevada (01:57)
"Gunsmoke's Festus (Haggen) sings 'n talks 'bout Dodge City 'n Stuff"

Total Duration: 00:39:30
Track listing contributed by mister_gs

Compilation Albums

Bear Family Records BCD 16328 AR Image supplied by

Bear Family Records BCD 16328 AR  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Rio Bravo
 Ride Back, The
 Man Without A Star
 Back In The Saddle
 Virginian, The
 Big Land, The
 Alamo, The
 Have Gun Will Travel
 War Wagon, The
 One-Eyed Jacks
 Saddle The Wind
 Wagon Master
 Last Sunset, The
 Cheyenne Social Club, the
 Strange Lady In Town
 Vera Cruz
 Kentuckian, The

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Rio Bravo & Other Movie And TV Songs

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 37
Wish list: 15

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  Track listing

1.  My rifle, my pony and me (02:42)
Rio bravo / Dean Martin - studio version
2.  De guello (02:53)
Rio bravo / Nelson Riddle orchestra
3.  Rawhide (01:43)
From the TV production "Rawhide" / Sheb Wooley
4.  The ride back (02:38)
The ride back / Vaughn Monroe
5.  Man without a star (A whale of a tale) (01:28)
Man without a star / Frankie Laine
6.  Back in the saddle again (02:34)
Gene Autry
7.  The Virginian (02:03)
From the TV series "The Virginian" / Percy Faith
8.  I leaned on a man (02:15)
The big land / Virginia Mayo
9.  Tennessee babe (02:48)
The Alamo / Frankie Avalon
10.  Green leaves of summer (02:22)
The Alamo / Frankie Avalon
11.  Here's to the ladies (01:52)
The Alamo / Frankie Avalon
12.  Ballad of the Alamo (02:33)
The Alamo / Frankie Avalon
13.  Gunsmoke (02:46)
From the TV series "Gunsmoke" / Tex Ritter & Rex Koury
14.  Bonanza (02:18)
From the TV production "Bonanza" / Johnny Cash
15.  The ballad of Paladin (02:30)
From the TV production "Have gun will travel" / Prairie Chiefs
16.  Ballad of the war wagon (02:12)
The war wagon / Ed Ames
17.  Theme from "One-eyed Jacks" (02:28)
One-eyed Jacks / Hugo Friedhofer & orchestra
18.  Maverick (02:08)
From the TV series "Maverick" / Sons of the pioneers
19.  Saddle the wind (02:07)
Saddle the wind / Julie London
20.  Chuckawalia swing (02:36)
The Wagonmaster / Sons of the pioneers
21.  Pretty little girl in the yellow dress (02:16)
The last sunset / Carl Dobkins, jr.
22.  Rolling stone (01:22)
The cheyenne social club / Henry Fonda
23.  Strange lady in town (02:31)
Strange lady in town / Frankie Laine
24.  Vera Cruz (02:10)
Vera Cruz / Tony Martin
25.  The Kentuckian song (03:12)
The Kentuckian / Anthony Perkins

Total Duration: 00:58:27
Track listing contributed by Théophile

Cerberus CST-0207 Image supplied by

Cerberus CST-0207  

United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Have Gun Will Travel

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Western Saga

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 21
Wish list: 6

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  Track listing

1.  Prelude
Tracks 1-9 Western Saga
2.  Street Music
3.  Open Spaces
4.  The Hunt
5.  The Watching
6.  The Canyons
7.  Gunsmoke
8.  Gunfight
9.  Victory!
10.  Prelude
Tracks 10-16 Desert Suite
11.  The Trial
12.  South Horizon
13.  Ghost Town
14.  The Mountains
15.  East Horizon
16.  North Horizon
17.  Indian Ambush
Tracks 17-20 Indian Suite
18.  Echo
19.  Indian Signals
20.  Indian Fight

Track listing contributed by Chris

Film Music Society FMS001

Film Music Society FMS001  

United States 
Release Date

Limited editon of 1000 copies.

Also contains music from:
 Cimarron Strip

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Music from CBS Westerns

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 49
Wish list: 10

Things you can do:
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  Track listing

1.  Gunsmoke: Stolen Horses (10:08)
(The Horse Theft – Kitty – Riding – The Shack – In The Bushes – The Captive – Kurch – Back At The Ranch – Chief Quick Knife – Farewell), composed by Jerome Moross
2.  Gunsmoke: The Raid (15:56)
(The Holdup – The Challenge – Guns For Sale – The Pursuit – All Is Clear – The Posse – The Hideout – Matt and Festus – More Dead Outlaws – The Last Two – Between The Rocks – Finale), composed by Franz Waxman
3.  Gunsmoke: Harriet (10:01)
(Two Riders – Gone At Last – Harriet I – Harriet II – Not Talking – The Fare Game – The Plan’s Working – I’ll Be Their Hangman – Afternoon Ride – Something’s Wrong – Don’t Shoot – Finale: Harriet), composed by Bernard Herrmann
4.  Rawhide: Six Weeks To Bent Fork (12:22)
(The Big Push – A Mean Motha – Meet Sheriff Keeley – Rowdy Goes To Town – Rowdy’s Move – Lash Quits), composed by Hugo Friedhofer
5.  Cimarron Strip: Knife In The Darkness (17:33)
(Dancing – Through The Woods – Crown – Trouble – Gambler – At The Table – Bawled Out – Deserted – Three Indians – Luggage – Open Ceiling – Suitcase – Wardrobe), composed by Bernard Herrmann

Total Duration: 01:06:00
Track listing contributed by Alan Rogers

Roulette R 25073 Image supplied by
Wilson Maffetano

Roulette R 25073  

United States 
Release Date
Bud Wattles Orchestra

Also contains music from:
 Black Saddle
 Have Gun Will Travel
 Restless Gun, The
 Wagon Train
 Life And Legend Of Wyatt Earp, The
 Bat Masterson
 Wanted: Dead Or Alive
 Lone Ranger, The
 Colt .45

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Themes From The Hip

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 3
Wish list: 2

Things you can do:
 Update this label

  Track listing

1.  Gunsmoke
2.  Have Gun, Will Travel
3.  The Restless Gun
4.  Wagon Train
5.  Wyatt Earp
6.  Bat Masterson
7.  Black Saddle
Originally composed by Jerry Goldsmith
8.  Maverick
9.  Wanted: Dead or Alive
10.  Lawman
11.  Lone Ranger
12.  Colt .45

Track listing contributed by Wilson Maffetano

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