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Golden Needles



Golden Needles (1974)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Lalo Schifrin

Released in:

United States

Also known as:
  • Chase For The Golden Needles, The (United States, reissue title)

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Music Box Records MBR-050

Music Box Records MBR-050  

Release Date

Including an 8-page CD booklet with liner notes by Gergely Hubai. Limited edition of 1000 copies.

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  Track listing

1.  The Golden Statue (00:46)
2.  Golden Needles (Main Title) (03:03)
3.  Acupuncture #1 (04:12)
4.  Flames / Lin Toa (02:18)
5.  Love Theme (01:25)
6.  Fortune Teller / Snake Shop / Snakes (04:21)
7.  Felicity (02:59)
8.  Mongolian Supper (00:56)
9.  Chinese Paintings (01:20)
10.  Empty Hangers / Attack on Kwan / Chinese Cemetery (03:23)
11.  Airports / Street Fight (02:16)
12.  Winters' Mansion / Winters / It's Time (02:01)
13.  Taxi (02:02)
14.  Antique Shop / Health Club (02:27)
15.  Health Club Fight (01:44)
16.  Acupuncture #2 (04:11)
17.  Menace / Hong Kong Street (01:43)
18.  Heavies Approach / Harbor Sequence (01:54)
19.  Harbor Chase / Crowds / Conclusion (09:34)
20.  Golden Needles (End Titles) (02:48)
21.  Finzie's Piano #1 (02:29)
22.  Chinese Street Source (00:58)
23.  Finzie's Piano #2 (04:12)
24.  Golden Needles of Love (05:46)

Total Duration: 01:08:48
Track listing contributed by Dorian

Compilation Albums

Aleph Records 016 Image supplied by
Dick van Oosten

Aleph Records 016  

United States 
Release Date

New recordings and arrangements. Played by the WDR Big Band with soloists and conducted by Lalo Schifrin.

Also contains music from:
 Cool Hand Luke
 FĂ©lins, Les
 Osterman Weekend, The
 Cincinnati Kid, The
 Falcon's Gold
 Fox, The
 Mission: Impossible
 Competition, The
 Once A Thief
 Manhattan Merengue!

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Jazz Goes To Hollywood

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Collection: 19
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  Track listing

1.  Down Here on the Ground (04:41)
(Cool Hand Luke)
2.  The Cat (03:46)
(Joy House)
3.  The Face of Love (06:33)
(The Osterman Weekend)
4.  The Cincinnati Kid (05:43)
(The Cincinnati Kid)
5.  Street Lights (05:52)
(Challenger's Gold)
6.  That Night (04:22)
(The Fox)
7.  Mission: Impossible (04:25)
(Mission: Impossible)
8.  People Alone (03:20)
(The Competition)
9.  Once A Thief (06:29)
(Once A Thief)
10.  Share The Dream (03:25)
(Manhattan Merengue)
11.  Bullitt (03:08)
12.  Blues For Basie (03:18)
(Roller Coaster)
13.  Insinuations (04:49)
(Once A Thief)
14.  The Race Is On (06:30)
(Golden Needles)

Total Duration: 01:06:21
Track listing contributed by Dick van Oosten

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