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Imaginary Heroes



Imaginary Heroes (2004)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
John Ottman (main theme)
Deborah Lurie

Released in:

United States, Germany, Belgium

Comedy, Drama

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Milan Records 36100-2

Milan Records 36100-2  

United States 
Release Date

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Collection: 28
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  Track listing

1.  It's Alright
performed by: Chris Logan
2.  Baby Hold On
3.  Swimming
4.  Big Smoke/Tim and Steph
5.  Baby Scratch My Back
performed by: Slim Harpo
6.  Zungguzungguzunggazeng
7.  Waiting for Results
8.  Another Day/Sneaking Out/Looking for Ben
9.  Throwing Rocks/Waking Sandy/Nice Trailer
10.  Tim's Song
11.  District Sleeps Alone Tonight
performed by: The Postal Service
12.  Waterfall
13.  Lose Your Mind
14.  Feelin' Alright

Track listing contributed by gefwa

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